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Dilton Marsh Map 1810


Coroners investigated deaths. They recorded their finds so that they might get their travelling expenses. The miles indicated how far the coroner had travelled in connection with a specific event, together with the sum refunded.

14 May 1758. Dilton, .John Hooper, aged about 2. On 17 May fell into a brook and was drowned. 15 miles. £1.11s.3d.

4 Feb, 1755, Dilton, William Den, Accidental (recte natural) death, 15 Miles, £1.11s,3d.

13 Nov, 1795, Dilton in Westbury. John Larkin, aged under 2, being imprudently trusted and left near some hot water, by falling on it was scalded and burnt to death. 16 miles £1, 12s.

12 Jan. 1790. Short Street. John Wilkins, aged under 4, fell into a well and was drowned. 16 miles, £1. 12s.

19 March 1795. Broker’s Gate in Short Street tything. A bastard female infant, suspected to have been murdered, or unfairly treated, by the mother, Sarah Archett. A very long and strict enquiry. Found it was not so. 17 miles. £1 12s. 9d.

19 Dec. 1768, Dilton Marsh. Mary Harvey. On 16 Dec., being ill with a fever and light-headed got out of her bed in the night and accidently fell into a treadle-pit which caused her death. 17 miles, £1. 12s. 9d.

6 July 1791. Dilton Marsh. James Jones. Found dying in a lane or footroad, inward rupture of a blood vessel. 17 miles. £1. 12s. 9d.

Details recorded in a project by Jacqui and Jenny Halliday in 1985.


Map 1810

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